Hey guys! It's Nikki here. Welcome to Nikki Collette Photography. I'm glad you stopped by. As you may have noticed while checking out my website, I am a portrait and wedding photographer. I love living here in Central Alberta, Canada - mountains, badlands, waterfalls, beaches, forests, amazing cities, all seasons - what more could you want?! Take these beautiful environments and combine them with documenting the joy, love and special moments of my clients lives and celebrating along with them, and I'm pretty much blissed right out! I approach all personal and business endeavours with excitement, dedication, openness and professionalism.

I am drawn to photography because of the intimate human connections, artistic expression, and the love for creating. As an artist I am always looking for an element of magic, whether that is visual or emotional. I am easy-going, positive, adventurous, and do whatever it takes to help my clients feel comfortable in front of my lens. 

When I am not happily clicking away from behind my camera I am exploring the great outdoors, writing poetry, dancing around the house, and laughing with loved ones. I am madly in love with my fiancé, mountains, tropical beaches, the moon, sunsets and my cat Louis.

I look forward to getting to know each and every client and telling their unique story through photography. For more information on my work or to get in touch kindly feel free to reach out

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 "To me, photos not only allow us to magnify the beauty and significance of a moment but they are also a tool to preserve a memory and share with others. They allow us to revisit moments and extend a story, they are documentation of the things we did, the people we loved, what we valued and the moments that mattered. It is an absolute honour to capture these components for my clients, in my artistic style and know that they are keepsakes that will be treasured always. To me photography is not only a creative outlet but a real way to connect with people and stories I may have never come across otherwise. It is such a bonus that the people I meet through my career end up being friends, not just clients. So feel free to inquire and let's get you booked in! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!"
Nice to meet you!