I love taking photos of the people I care about. It's my chance to frame them in the ways that I see them. These two rad, young lovers were a total treat to photograph. Not only are Kirstie and Todd both super cool and up for any kind of adventure but Kirstie also happens to be my best friend.

K&T have the most interesting love story. They met in beautiful Banff and were so quickly smitten it was undeniable. Kirstie is pretty choosy so when we all started hearing about this Todd guy we were all curious and excited! Then Kirstie left. On travels. Around the world. With no return ticket and no plans to come home for years. But the sparks were there, so K&T vowed to keep in touch, they buried treasure, and off she went.

Kirstie sipped tea in rainy London, yachted around Croatia, danced on the beaches of South East Asia, harvested broccoli in Australia, sailed dangerous seas, and explored the world, but no matter where she went Todd was only a letter away. After almost two years of travel she was back and we all had one question, "What about Todd?" 

They reunited in beautiful BC and just like that, they picked up right where they left off, and now they are inseparable. It's been a beautiful love story to witness.

Todd is practical and Kirstie is whimsical and together they make a great team. They are unconventional, wild hippie types who will one day whisk away in a van together around the world (seriously they already have the van). 

There is something so comforting about seeing your friend happily loved and being loved. I wanted to capture them in their element - in nature - cue the campfire, roasting marsh mellows and sippin' on hot cocoa and we finished the session back at their home turned on the record player, poured the whisky and ended the night my favourite way - dancing.

The epitome of young and in love. Here are Kirstie and Todd: