Tennille and Rob are two people who you instantly can tell they are made for each other. Despite coming from different countries (Rob's an Aussie, Tennille's a Canuck) they managed to find each other in this big, crazy world. They are not only an absolutely lovely couple, but one of my Nikki Collette Bride and Groom Couples of 2017! With a mountain wedding planned in Canmore his summer, it is sure to be a beautiful celebration of their love and commitment to one another. As a pair they are relaxed and laid back while being able to be goofy with each other on a total whim! The way they look at each other speaks volumes to the love between them.

I adore my sessions with these two. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of shooting with Tennille and Rob. I love the way that I melt in the background and they seem to forget I'm even there. The affection between these two is so sweet and undeniable! While all tangled up, they whisper jokes to each other and constantly make each other laugh. I pretty much become a fly on the wall taking in all of the special moments and emotions going on between them. 

I asked Tennille to share the story of their engagement and this is the amazing story she told.

Our Engagement

"We were snowboarding in Banff the weekend before we flew back to Australia for Easter.  Saturday was the most amazing day on the hill. It was a perfect mix of enjoying the best of Canada and the excitement of our upcoming trip to Australia. We were on our last run of the day on Sunday (March 17) and Rob pulled up about half way down the hill in a very secluded area. I didn't think anything of it because we did that regularly. We just hung out on the side of the hill for a while enjoying the view. Rob rolled over to face me (with his snowboard still on...haha) and popped the question.  I laughed...because I didn't think it was real...then he pulled out the ring. I was so surprised that I don't think I even answered him! Once it finally set in and I was able to get words out of my mouth, I asked him to put the ring back in his pocket so I didn't lose it on the rest of the way down. I put the ring on when we got to the bottom. We celebrated with a beer in front of the fire at the bottom of the hill. It was amazing!

Dustin and Amy (Tennille's brother and sister-in-law) were the first to find out - we stopped by their place on our way back home. Turns out Rob had the ring for quite some time, but timing was never quite right to pop the question. I couldn't have imagined better timing or setting."

Rob and Tennille I cannot wait to capture your beautiful wedding day in August!