Meghan and Brett are two of the nicest, easy going, funniest people you will ever meet and when the two met, the story is that it didn't take long to see that they were meant to be. I was so excited when they reached out about newborn photos leading up to baby Boone's birth. Meghan unknowingly posted a photo the night before she went into labour of herself and Brett, in their home all dressed up, looking amazing, for a night out at a charity event (Megh in heels and all!) and captioned it "Pregnancy tip: when you take a self timer photo before heading out on the town at #9monthspreggo be sure to include your fridge for perspective"...Did I mention they both have a great sense of humour?!
So it was no surprise when I went over to meet baby Boone Wayne and take his newborn photos that he kept us laughing the whole time! He is such a handsome little guy who has perfect little features, amazing facial expressions, and with a name like Boone you know he's going to be an epic little legend! Brett and Meghan are two very proud parents.
We took these photos in Brett and Meghan's home. Their home has beautiful decor and style, and the nursery was stunning with rustic walls and personalized wall art. The anticipation for this baby boy to arrive was clear just by walking into his room. 
This amazing family of three was such an honour to photograph.