She's having a baby!

When my sister told me she was expecting, I not only jumped for joy (literally jumped), but I was beyond thrilled and couldn't wait to capture some sweet moments of my sister and brother in law's excitement, anticipation and joy! Seeing my sister's tiny bump makes my heart melt! 

It is truly an exciting time in our family. I love seeing T becoming a lovely mama-to-be, the cutest preggo you ever did see, D talking to the baby through T's belly, and my parents morphing into thrilled grandparents. With both T & D coming from big families with three sisters each, brother-in-laws, the cutest nieces and nephews, and two sets of amazing parents, this baby is going to be oh so LOVED. 

Tegan and Dave are going to be the funnest parents. Every free second will be spent whisked away on trips, travels and adventure. They are both spontaneous, fun-loving and have a way of making things grand! Tegan has always been a protective, supportive, encouraging big sister, someone I've always looked up too. When I do random activities throughout my day I have clear memories of Tegan sitting down with me and showing me exactly how to them perfectly. This is how I know she will be the ultimate mom! She lovingly navigated me through dance, high school, university (she built my first year schedule), and overall she has given me so much guidance through life and always made sure it is a total ball along the way. Dave too, has always been the brother I never had and I am lucky that I have lived longer with him in my life than without. Dave is such a comforting person to be around, from our early days of competitively reading Harry Potter to see who could finish the books first, or stumbling down a double black diamond with my new snowboard, to whooping it up on holidays and sharing the love of celebrating all things to the max, he has always been there with a helping hand. I cannot say enough good things about Tegan and Dave, they are truly two of my best friends and going to be exceptional parents. They have the strongest bond imaginable, and are so deeply in love. I am so blessed they are my family, and I am forever grateful to have such a special relationship in my life. I can't wait for this to extend to our newest family member. 

 The session took place in their home with large stunning photos of the foreign places they have gone together in the backdrop and decor that is earthy meets chic, the room really speaks to who they are. We had music playing so naturally they danced and celebrated the fact that they are going to be parents!

So here it is, the exciting announcement,

"Tegan and Dave are having a baby!"