I have been SO excited to share this special session! Sabrina and Jon travelled all the way from Australia just to have ME take their photos! Ok, ok they may have travelled back for Christmas with our family but finally having the chance to shoot them together, and at our family home, was an extreme highlight!

S and J, also known as Sabithon, are one of my all time favourite couples and that is not just due to the fact that S is my sister. It's because they are truly perfect for each other! They both have a hilarious sense of humour and make each other laugh all the time. Together they love to experience the best of the best and collectively they have a go big attitude that is a part of everything they do, whether it be travels, holidays, or simply recreating wing night with beloved caesars on Wednesdays in Australia. They are complete softies for pets and have an adorable Golden Retriever Zeus, and TWICE they have left the RSPCA and returned home with kitties, Lily and Nala. Above all, they have proven that they are willing to do pretty much anything to be together.

Distance and timing are two tricky obstacles that proved no match for these two. After meeting through friends in Brisbane, Australia (J's hometown) S returned to Canada after the time on her work/travel visa was up. Something must have seriously sparked because a short while later she announced to me that she was meeting her friend Jon in Hawaii. I knew something was up then! When S returned from their magical week in Hawaii, as I had highly suspected, she was completely hooked, and J was too. They now have a beautiful home in Australia, with a carefully tended backyard, complete with a hammock, surrounded by their furry loved ones.

Sabrina is determined, intriguing, loving, caring, quite the firecracker and I think she has met her match.  Jon is not only witty, adventurous, and a serious sports fanatic but also accommodating and thoughtful. He is the most kind, loving and generous guy I could ever dream up for my sister.

They are thrill seekers and world travellers and best of yet they love each other so strongly. They are happy making each other happy and experiencing the world together.

I was so happy that this winter proved a white Christmas for our Aussies, and I could not imagine a better holiday spent than with this beautiful pair in tow. 

Here are Jon and Sabrina: