Hello beautiful! Tatum Dixie graced us with her presence Monday, December 5th thanks to proud parents Mitch and Madison. Tatum is an absolute sweetheart who is alert, energetic, and so content. This baby girl is already a stylish little thing (thanks to mama) and she was working her angles and posing oh so perfectly still while I snapped away. Tatum's middle name, Dixie, is a namesake of her vivacious grandmother. Not only does baby Tatum have the most beautiful eyes, long dark lashes and a perfect little pout but she is the apple of her two loving, first time parent's eyes. It was easy to see that mom and dad are completely smitten with her. 

Mitch and Madi are our dear friends and now two wonderful parents who are quick to laughter and love abundantly. Madi and I go way back to the days of riding the school bus together as a couple of kids and it's made me so proud to see her transition into her new role of mom. When Mitch and Madi started dating many years ago it was easy to see they were perfect for each other, with matching senses of humour and kind hearts. Madi's dad Guy will be the first to tell you that these two belong together! 

Mitch is a firefighter and broke his hand two days before the shoot while at work. Madi laughed saying Mitch would do just about anything to get out of a photoshoot. 

Here she is, precious baby Tatum: