When Colby proposed on the beautiful beaches of Turks and Caicos he took Taylor by total surprise. Like a genius he asked a passer by-er to stop and take photos of them, right before getting down on one knee, and perfectly captured Taylor's joy and surprise in the moment. With tremendous excitement, they began wedding planning right away and will be saying I do in lush Cabo San Lucas in August of 2018! 

When Taylor and I met up to discuss her vision for this engagement session she stated that it would ideally take place in the city, a nice contrast from the beach wedding setting to follow. With their great sense of style, adorable connection, and willingness to venture on a road trip for photos, I excitedly got to work and and searched to find the perfect location for their photos. This was a true success of our visions coming together to make magic!

These two are completely smitten for each other, driven, and supportive of each others goals and dreams. They easily make each other laugh, aren't afraid to show their silly side, and seem to be one another's happy place. 

I loved capturing these moments for this gorgeous couple! Congratulations Colby and Taylor! #unomasmassignan