Baby Von - watch out world, you will fall in love! I was so honoured to take these photos of this beautiful, sweet baby boy. Von Thomas was born Friday, November 4th and has been melting hearts since that day. He is a wonderful little cuddler who loves to be held and hates to be cold (just like Mom!). He has the sweetest eyes that seem to go on forever. Von's middle name Thomas is a namesake in the Williscroft family, after Kirk's grandfather, Kirk shares the same middle name, and interestingly Von was born on Melissa's grandfather's birthday. 
Melissa and Kirk, Von's parents are not only life long best friends of ours, but they are absolute naturals at parenting and handle all of the newness like a couple of pros! It is an amazing feeling to have known them as kids and now to see them with a baby of their own. They are high school sweethearts who are absolutely perfect for each other. They are both laid back, relaxed and usually the first ones to bust out a hilarious joke when no one sees it coming. They always keep it real and they love to be surrounded with family and friends. Von is entering one big, loving family with excited grandparents, extra fun aunties and uncles, and adorable older cousins to lead the way, surely there won't be a dull moment! 

This lifestyle session was taken in their beautiful home, where cuddles were abundant. As you can see baby Von fits in his Dad's goalie glove and there is no short supply of love and happiness in their home.