Welcome to the NCP Blog!

Hello! Welcome to the Nikki Collette Photography Blog! 

I am pleased to say the launch of this blog marks the launch of all things social media for my company! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and on this very website!

This blog is a place where you can have a deeper look at the work I do and a behind the scenes explanation of the story behind the photos. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, currently located in Alberta. Although I am new to social media, I have been running my business over the last year and a half and have a passion for photography and beautiful photographs for as long as I can remember. To me, photos not only allow us to magnify the beauty and significance of a moment but they are also a tool to preserve a memory and share with others. They allow us to revisit moments and extend a story, they are documentation of the things we did, the people we loved, what we valued and the moments that mattered. It is an absolute honour to capture these components for my clients, in my artistic style and know that they are keepsakes that will be treasured always. To me photography is not only a creative outlet but a real way to connect with people and stories I may have never come across otherwise. It is such a bonus that the people I meet through my career end up being friends, not just clients. So feel free to inquire and let's get you booked in! You can email me at info@nikkicollette.com. Thanks for following along!